Coffee Capital

Between Holy Corner and the clock, Morningside boasts 57 coffee outlets.  The rivalry can spark some interesting examples of local wit as with the sign from Zulu Lounge in Morningside Road pointing out that some of its rivals have issues with the amount of tax they may pay.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Capital

  1. Franz

    Excellent – now tell us how many butchers/ greengrocers/ fishmongers there are in the same area – and, by comparison, how many smart delis/specialist food shops. And why so many barbers???? (there used only to be one between Comiston and Tolcross) strange to think that my mum had a choice of three grocers within 5 minutes of our first house in Morningside, two fishmongers, two bakers as well as a clutch of shops run by the Co-op. But, of course, we didn’t have Waitrose..


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