Craighouse Grounds and Woods

Craighouse hill is one of Edinburgh’s seven hills, and sits at the top of Morningside Drive in the south of the city.  The grounds are extensive and have been a nature reserve enjoyed for generations. There are thick dense woods, deer and other wildlife, a pond and views that are truly breathtaking.

Today this treasure in the city is under threat from developers, who will seek not just to convert the old buildings into flats, but to build out across the hill .

If that horrifies you as much as it does me, then can I suggest you join the Friends of Craighouse Grounds and Woods and give them the support they need.  Otherwise these grounds and their unique woods will be lost forever, to you and your children’s generations.

They even have a Facebook link too – here

It’s only a click.

Copyright David Macadam 2012



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