Genealogy Library


One of the joys of living in Edinburgh is the way most of its jewels are tucked away almost out of sight.  You almost need to know it’s there or you would never find it.  One such is the Family History Library of the Genealogy Society of Scotland tucked in behind a blue door at the very end of Victoria Terrace at number 15.  And as with all the best blue doors whats behind is far larger than you would have thought.


Here in an old set of vaults under a restaurant is one of Edinburgh’s true treasures.  Packed into two floors ( one and a messanine) are a huge collection of family histories, many satisfactorily contained on scrolls.  Add in a very wide library, an unrivalled collection of Monumental Inscriptions, a full run of filmed Old Parish Records and items for sale and its pig heaven for family history buffs .  All run with a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic librarians.  DSCN1110


Copyright David Macadam 2013


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