The Leith Museum


This is a first for Unregarded Edinburgh – something so utterly unregarded it does not even exist.  Surprisingly, to those who know Leith and it’s patriotic denizens, there is no actual Museum of Leith.  A glaring gap, an embarrassing omission, a vile lacuna that has been acknowledged by a grim and hardy troop of enthusiasts who met last Saturday in The Fit O’ The Walk to put their heads together and drive forward the project for “The Leith Museum”.



A site has been identified which would be absolutely perfect.  The Old Custom House has become vacant, and it would be just such a fitting home.

The Custom House is a large Georgian building in the neo-classical style, which was designed by the architect Robert Reid.  It was built between 1810 and 1812. It comprises two tall storeys and a formidable portico entrance. The pediment above the entrance displays the royal coat of arms of George III and is supported by two Greek Doric columns. The balustraded stairway entrance was added later and gives a softened appearance to the Georgian starkness of the original. Frankly it would be a stunning home for Leith Museum.

Frank Ferri and Graham Whyte gathered various likeminded fellow travellers in the “Fit o the walk”, to spearhead the campaign including Fraser Parkinson whose blog “Lost Edinburgh” will be known to anyone reading the Evening News and Ruth Macadam the great-grand-daughter of Henry Robb of the Shipyard.

We also had a photo shot at Custom House to celebrate the day.
Graham White museum

photo credit: Graham Whyte

But now the real work begins. We really, really, need a strong petition to get the attention this project deserves, and this is where the readers of Unregarded Edinburgh come in.


Please feel free to download the petition and pass it round the pub, the local shops, or your workplace and once it’s full just get in touch and I’ll arrange to gather them together.  You can always get hold of me at

Copyright David Macadam 2013


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