Morningside Farmers’ Market

morn mark 1

Tucked away round the back of Merlin Public House on Morningside Road is one of the more secret Farmer’s markets in Edinburgh, and one of the nicer.

The back car park of the Merlin is a surprisingly large space in crowded Morningside, where on every third Saturday it is transformed into if not a full on Farmer’s market than a local and artisan’s market (which is every bit as good).

morn mark 4

Where there is real engagement between artisan and customer

There is a Fishmonger.  We lost our last one in Morningside a while back when the big boys moved in and pushed them out.  There are even a couple of butchers (yep we don’t have them in Morningside either) which mean a significant improvement on the shoping scene in Morningside.   And please don’t give me that old businessman’s canard about the chain supermarkets having trained Butchers and Fishmongers “in-house”, as we know perfectly well they are just not as well trained or informed as the real thing. These in the Morningside Farmers Market were the actual producers with their own reared meat. Go on, next time you’re in a supermarket ask that “trained” member of staff to tie up a brisket for you and watch the look of lost panic on the child’s face.

morn mark 3

Add to that good greengrocers and cheesemongers, soap sellers, and cake/patisserie vendors who actually make the stuff they sell, and the whole is a vibrant and much needed addition to community life.

morn mkt 5
A happy shopper enjoying a day out…

And people enjoy the sense of occasion the feeling of fun that should always be part of shopping. There is none of that false bonhomie from undertrained staff following a script as you get in supermarkets where bored staff wish you to “have a nice day” without holding any eye contact, or that dead lack of communication from the purchasers only too anxious to get out again. These guys knew their stuff and enthused about it. No chance here of the hell of being left to the mercies of a robot telling you about “unexpected items in baggage areas”. Here people actually talk to each other.

morn mrk 2

There were even a couple playing acoustic instruments as buskers!
It all made shopping more human and a bit of a pleasure. It was busy and everyone was leaving looking relaxed and happy. It really set up the day. A delight.

Copyright David Macadam 2014



One thought on “Morningside Farmers’ Market

  1. Ruth Macadam

    Reblogged this on Common Sense and Tips from your Granny! and commented:
    Like David, I thoroughly enjoyed this market too, its worth looking out for other ones near you, the more people support them the more producers attend and the better and bigger the variety becomes. The days of three soggy lettuces with slugs crawling over them because they were “organic don’t you know” and the only other stall selling jumpers shaped for women with three boobs who had rhino skin so wouldnt feel the “natural, unbleached wool” with its inherent barbed wire feel are long gone. Hooray, onwards, upwards and back to the way shopping was when we were young!


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