Leith Harbour Lighthouse.

20140503_133126The old Victorian lighthouse on Victoria Dock in Leith stands almost unnoticed now, amongst the new improvements and regeneration that has been going on in the last few years.

The lighthouse sits at the north-west corner of Malmaison Square, empty now and unlight. It seems oddly out of place, something left over, abandoned and useless. It is an anachronism from a lost age. Most definitely unregarded.

That said, it’s of a human scale fitting well with the walkway and as the photograph shows very decorative. But what to do with it?

tower 2

The whole of this area of Leith is undergoing real ongoing change, but there are some who feel the old lighthouse might yet play its part again. Last week I met with Tom King, an energetic local entrepreneur and MD of Sustainable Renewable Technologies EcoBuild, who has some very exciting thoughts for the lighthouse and the dock it sits next to.

Tom sees the lighthouse as providing a source for a son et lumiere for Leith. He envisages a small pontoon moored in the middle of the pond spraying a vertical mist of water onto which the lighthouse will project images that will dance upon the water. The picture is an artist’s impression.

artists imp

This could be used for light shows on summer evenings, with visitors lighting on the shows each hour, and then taking advantage of the local hostelries and restaurants to round off their evening. Perhaps there might be open air concerts and light shows, perhaps even a Leith rival to the Fireworks as a Festival Venue. We might see Santa shows on darkened Christmas evenings. Maybe we could watch the Referendum results live projected onto the mists?

A versatile advertising option, public entertainment and attraction, a bit of a money spinner and best of all, not requiring to dig up the whole of Leith Walk to achieve.

Copyright David Macadam 2014


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